Is my car in good hands? How do I know Northtown is reputable?

Northtown is insured, licensed, and ASE & I-Car certified. We also meet the rigid requirements set forth by the insurance companies enabling us to be a DRP for several of them. Of course, you can ask our customers … we’ll be happy to give you references.

Does my insurance company work with Northtown?

Northtown Collision works with all insurance companies.

How many estimates will I need?

You are only required to get one estimate. After you have gotten your estimate, the insurance company may choose to send an adjuster to do an estimate. There are several reasons for this, such as: It’s the insurance company’s procedure, the cost of repairs might exceed certain limits set forth by the individual insurance company, or the vehicle may be a total loss, etc. However, if someone else damages your vehicle and they are going to pay for the repairs instead of involving the insurance companies, that person may ask you to get more than one estimate. This is of course, between you and them.

Who makes the claim when I have an accident?

This needs to be done by the authorized driver or the owner of the vehicle. Repair facilities cannot make a claim on your behalf. However, Northtown will do everything possible to assist you with the process.

I have a repair facility that I have used in the past and am very happy with them, but my insurance company told me to go to someone else, that my facility is not on their list. Can they do that?

No. Michigan State law says that the consumer has the right to choose which facility to have their repairs done. However, if the repair facility you chose is not competitive to the rest of the area, you may be responsible for the difference. An example of this would be; your insurance carrier pay’s $20.00 per labor hour in your area and the facility you use charges $21.00. Your estimate shows 5 labor hours. You would be responsible for the additional $5.00 – this rarely occurs.

Who do I owe my deductible to and when do I have to pay it?

The deductible is the first thing paid on a claim before the insurance company payment occurs and it is paid to the repair facility. However, repair facilities usually collect the deductible when you take delivery of your vehicle. Northtown collects the deductible when you take delivery of your vehicle. We want to be sure you are satisfied with the repairs we’ve done before any payment is made.

I ran into my garage door and need to have my vehicle repaired, but if I make a claim it might raise my insurance premiums. Do Northtown’s “computerized” estimates go to my insurance company?

No. Insurance companies do not have access to our system and your estimate is not forwarded or uploaded to your insurance company unless you request it.

What is betterment and why do I have to pay this?

Betterment occurs when a component that is damaged in the accident has a certain life span. For example, tires may only have a life of 40,000 miles. If the accident occurs at 30,000 miles, your insurance carrier only owes for the remaining 10,000 miles. Therefore, if the tire cost is $100, you would be charged $75 “betterment” – for making the component ‘better’. Other common components are batteries, struts, shocks, some suspension components and sometimes driveline components.

I had my car repaired by Northtown and for whatever reason, I am not happy with the repairs, will Northtown make it right?

Yes. We warranty all our work. We want to be the first one you call if there is ever a problem or question. We will make it right.